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Cultural and Historic Preservation Conference, Newport, RI

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Cultural and Historic Preservation Conference, Newport, RI
posted 04/04/2017  
Salve Regina University
Newport, RIUni
10/12/2017 - 10/14/2017

We are excited to announce a call for papers for our cultural and historic preservation conference coming up this Fall (October 12-14, 2017). We invite proposals for individual papers as well as complete sessions on the theme Gentrification & Preservation: A Reappraisal. Gentrification is a term that carries a great deal of emotional weight. Because it is so often tied to issues of class and race, gentrification evokes strong reactions and inspires debates that reach far beyond preservation academics and practitioners. It is also true that historic preservation is frequently accused of being a handmaid to gentrifiers. The purpose of this conference is to explore the relationship between gentrification, preservation, and the community broadly construed. Potential topics include position papers, conceptualizing gentrification, historical analysis, and case studies. Papers in any field of academic or applied preservation (e.g. architectural history, archaeology, preservation planning/policy) are welcome.

Our keynote speaker for the conference is Dr. Lance Freeman, professor of Urban Planning at Columbia University. Dr. Freeman is a leading researcher in the study of gentrification, particularly the various relationships connecting race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and housing markets.

The deadline for submission is May 1, 2017.




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