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Stakeholder Outreach & Historic Preservation Advocacy Internship

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Posted: 03/17/2019

National Trust for Historic Preservation
DC Field Office

The National Trust for Historic Preservation protects significant places representing our diverse cultural experience by taking direction action and inspiring broad public support.

Stakeholder Outreach & Historic Preservation Advocacy Internship
Internship Opportunity
Washington, DC
$2,000.00 stipend
Open Until


This internship will offer the opportunity to participate in a National Treasure advocacy campaign surrounding an iconic cultural landscape that is part of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The intern will contribute to a campaign that will employ an innovative new historic preservation strategy in the form of an Ideas Lab, which will bring together leaders in design to imagine the future of the site. The intern will be part of a collaborative effort between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and its partner, the Trust for the National Mall, and will be able to work closely with representatives of both organizations.  

The intern will assist with identifying stakeholders and with facilitating stakeholder interviews and meetings. Deliverables will include a list of potential stakeholders with background information on each and reasons for inclusion. The intern will also be responsible for distilling the fruits of stakeholder meetings into a report to be included in the Ideas Lab manual.  

This intern could come from a program related to public relations or historic preservation planning. This internship will allow the intern to gain experience with stakeholder outreach, an essential component of the National Park Service planning process. It would also allow the intern to gain an understanding of the components of a large-scale, high-profile, historic preservation advocacy campaign.    

National Trust internships are temporary, volunteer experiential learning opportunities with no expectation of employment at the conclusion of the internship. 

For this internship, the National Trust is offering a stipend of $2,000 to help offset expenses. The period of the internship would be from approximately 6/3/3019 to 7/26/2019, for approximately 35 hours per week (some flexibility of schedule available).


  •  Compile a detailed list of project stakeholders
  •  Assist with facilitation of stakeholder interviews and meetings
  •  Create report that communicates takeaways from stakeholder meetings
  •  May also assist with other aspects of the National Treasure campaign as needed  


This project offers the opportunity for an intern to make a difference in the life and longevity of an iconic cultural landscape in the high-profile location of Washington, DC. The intern will be part of a campaign that in the long-term will hopefully result in the appropriation of funds for deferred maintenance at the site and other National Park Service sites, creating lasting impact.  

The intern will gain experience under the mentorship of respected preservation professionals in an educational setting at one of the nations leading arts & cultural and non-profit advocacy organizations. The intern will also have the opportunity to participate in educational programming offered via the National Trust for Historic Preservations Washington Office internship program. Students may also be eligible for college or graduate school academic credit at the discretion of their institution.  

Specifically, the intern will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  •  Components of a large-scale, high-profile, historic preservation advocacy campaign
  •  How to identify and communicate with project stakeholders for a large project incorporating historic preservation and design
  •  How to navigate planning processes associated with National Park Service properties  

At the end of the project the intern will have produced a report outlining takeaways from stakeholder meetings, which can be added to their professional portfolio in support of their future career pursuits.  


  • Demonstrated interest in and understanding of cultural landscapes preferred.
  • Ability to conduct independent research as well as to conduct interviews, help facilitate stakeholder meetings, and to report on findings.
  • Full-time (35 hours per week) required.
  • Basic analytical and problem solving skills, including issue identification and prioritization. Basic project-organization skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to collaborate and achieve results with supervision, including ability to interact professionally with key internal and external stakeholders as needed. Public contact and ability to work successfully in close proximity to others required.
  • Strong organizational skills required, with ability to prioritize, multi-task efficiently, and meet deadlines in a timely fashion
  • Ability to adapt and be flexible in a dynamic work environment. Ability to work effectively with frequent interruptions required. Able to handle frequently changing and/or unscheduled tasks with accuracy.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Friendly and professional demeanor on the phone and in writing, with ability to speak and write clearly in English. Bi-lingual language skills a plus.
  • Ability to work effectively with culturally diverse colleagues; connections to or experience helping to engage culturally diverse audiences and partners a plus.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products required, including Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Regular and reliable attendance required.
  • Graduate level studies (or equivalent years of experience) required. Studies or demonstrated interest in historic preservation planning, public relations, or related subject matters preferred.
  • Preference for candidates from the greater DC area, as there may be opportunities for ongoing engagement following the internship term, depending on interest and availability. 

How to apply
Please email resume with cover letter to 996515-CS-1121@nthp.hrmdirect.com
David Field
Phone: 2025886124
2600 Virginia Avenue
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20037

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