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Landmarks Program Developer

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Posted: 04/20/2017

Be The Landmark

bethelandmark.com, a startup ecommerce gift company whose clients are municipalities, seeks creative people with a passion for art, art history, and historical preservation, to create “Landmarks Programs” for the U.S. and internationally.

Landmarks Program Developer
Internship Opportunity
Location Independent eWorker,
$25 per submission


Be The Landmark, a young UK based British-American business, is a fun way for local governments to raise needed revenue for parks, schools, public buildings, general revenue, or anything else.

We create programs that match purchasers with municipalities who offer landmarks programs for sale or lease. A landmark is anything that a purchaser can sponsor or have a name displayed on.

A statue in a park, naming rights on a building, hanging flower baskets on Main Street, and equipment for the firehouse are all examples of landmarks sales programs.

Our website www.bethelandmark.com gives global exposure to a municipality and to landmarks programs it offers. New Yorkers who fell in love in Charleston, Chinese who were touched by Washington’s history, or University alumni with fond memories of their school’s town, are examples of typical landmark purchasers, for themselves or for others.


You will receive $25 for each Landmarks Program submitted.

NOTE: Please submit a 2 or 3 sentence description of your concept/idea and wait for written approval from Be The Landmark before proceeding. We cannot accept or pay for your program if we have not pre-approved your concept.

Be The Landmark is a young, fast growing company. We prioritize those interested persons whose Landmarks programs ideas are creative and interesting for upcoming full-time positions.


We seek several people to create Landmarks Programs ideas for presentation to municipalities.

A Landmarks Program consists of;

  • Something that will generate interest and/or improve the beauty/culture/enjoyment/happiness of the municipality.
  • A product which ties into;
  • The site or purpose for which funds are to be raised. Site examples; Bricks and Mortar, Great Outdoors, Municipal Places
  • A theme for which a municipality is known. Examples; Historical city; Farming, hi-tech, gambling city; Beach, Mountains, etc.
  • A product which people will buy for themselves or others.
  • A product which fits into a “Landmarks” category; e.g. Statues, Iconic Objects, Growing & Living, Make You Smile, Memorial, Lifesaving (see website).
  • A description of the program you conceive.
  • Pictures or renderings of the product or similar products.
  • Suppliers, Artists, craftsmen who may be able to create the product (optional).

An example of a successful landmarks program; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2753362/The-Red-Sea-Tide-red-poppies-continues-sweep-Tower-London-ahead-Armistice-Day-remembrance.html


  • Landmarks Preservation or; Fine Arts, Art History, Architecture, Landscape Architecture Studies or Experience.
  • “Out of the box” thinker, for original ideas or fresh inspiration for old ideas.
  • Understand what people might purchase as a “landmark”.
OPen until

How to apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to Clifford Krause at info@bethelandmark.com. You will receive a follow-up telephone call.
Clifford Krause
Location Independent eWorker
Great Horkesely,

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