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Professor of Cultural Heritage

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Posted: 12/20/2012

Culture Studies Tema of the Department of Social Change and Culture

Professor of Cultural Heritage
Professional Opportunity
Linkoping, Sweden,

This appointment as Professor involves research, teaching, and administrative duties. It is also the responsibility of the holder of the appointment to follow the development within one's own research area as well as societal developments that are of relevance to the research and teaching. 
The holder of the appointment as Professor shall mainly conduct research but also participate in teaching on the undergraduate, advanced and reserach levels at Linköping University.

In order to be qualified for the appointment as Professor in research areas the applicant is required to prove both scientific and pedagogical skills.

Grounds for assessment
The extent of proficiency that is required for the appointment as Professor make up the grounds for the assessment of the applicants. 

The assessment of pedagogical skills shall be given the same attention as the assessment of scientific skills. 

Scientific proficiency shall be demonstrated with own research that has resulted in publication, with documented competence in planning and leadership of research and research programs as well as with the ability to receive research grants. Moreover, scientific proficiency can be proven through ability to achieve research results in collaboration with other teachers and through ability to inform about research. 

Pedagogical skills shall be demonstrated through broad and solid knowledge in the subject and duties of the appointment. Pedagogical skills shall also be demonstrated through the ability to propagate commitment and interest for the subject, and the ability to structure and organize knowledge mass and work models in relation to the goals of the program or the main area. Moreover, pedagogical skills shall be demonstrated through the ability to motivate students for own learning and contributing to development and renewal of education, as well as the ability to reflect on pedagogical standpoints and own results. 

Administrative skills shall be proven with ability to plan, organize, and develop operations. 

Leadership shall be demonstrated with skills in leading operations and staff and with ability to collaborate and participate actively in collegial operations.

For more information: http://www.liu.se/jobbdb/show.html?4922

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Application procedure In order for your application to be appraised by Linköping University the following conditions must be met: 1 Your application and the documents you wish to refer to must reach Linköping University no later than 2013-02-15 and in the way specified in 2-4 below. 2 Late applications or documents will not be considered. 3 Your application shall be made electronically - apart from monographs (scientific documents in book form) – and shall be sent in MS Word or pdf to registrator@liu.se. This applies also for complementary documents that are sent within the time of application. Monographs are to be sent within the time of application in three printed copies to Linköping University, Registrator, SE-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN 4 Your electronic application shall contain • The name of the position you are applying for and the Registration number • Your Curriculum Vitae (the template http://www.liu.se/jobba/cv?l=en shall be used) • A list of publications • Other documents you may wish to refer to • A maximum of ten Publications/Scientific work (monographs excluded)

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